The Courage To Let Go -A Novel by Dena Tyson - Germ Freak by DenaTyson
The Courage To Let Go -A Novel by Dena Tyson - Germ Freak by DenaTyson

The Courage To Let Go -A Novel by Dena Tyson

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The Courage To Let Go -A Novel by Dena Tyson
Drama -Suspense -Redemption -Love and the search for Happiness

We meet a young girl Bianca Moore a.k.a. Binx, twenty-two years old, though she looks like she’s eighteen, vulnerable, beautiful, smart and trapped by that thing called fear.

Binx is lying awake in bed when she turns to look at Spooney, thirty-seven (even older in appearance) a battered soul, 6 feet two -hundred pounds. He loves his cigars and keeps a pint of his favorite on hand at all times “Old Grandad 100 proof.”

For the past five years Binx has lived in fear suffering the wrath of Spooney’s abuse and today is the day she finds the courage to walk away.

As he sleeps next to her she eases her way out of bed developing a plan of escape and quietly, yet quickly stuffs four pillow cases with what she needs the most and loads up her car. When she returns, she finds him awake now standing in the bedroom door and he approaches her. She’s caught off guard -scared – but manages to keep her cool. She uses the excuse that she is going to the laundromat early to beat the crowd, so he didn’t suspect anything. She told him that she was coming back to get her little dog Moosie to walk him before she left, feeling once she had the dog there was no coming back, but now things had suddenly changed.
The fact that she even gave him the time of day was something he would never forget, nor would he ever let go.

Will Binx try again…? Does she ever get away or will she continue to live in fear..?

Get a signed autographed copy of this book for yourself a family member or a friend that needs encouragement. Yeah we may go through some things in life but know that you are allowed to forgive yourself, take back control of your life and learn to open your heart to love again and to be loved.

I will be happy to sign an autographed copy of this newly re-released novel that I have completely designed and written and now publish through my own brand "dKtPublishing". Please be sure to include the name that you would like for me to sign in the book at the time of your order in the "notes".
Many thanks!

Check out some of the Professional Reviews below:

“ Dena your book was written with such candor, honesty and sadness. Difficult at times to even comprehend, as I read I was still moved to keep going. In the end it makes you feel you can overcome anything as you did.” ~WGN9 Midday News Dina Bair~

“An incredible story… I couldn’t put it down, I completely enjoyed it!” ~Emmy award television host radio and Political Analyst Paul Lisnek WGN-TV

“Thanks for sharing your pain to peace ride and thanks for teaching forgiveness. I highly recommend this book to all teens in love! ”
~Ron Jackson Author -Columnist -Youth Advocate

About the Author:
At the age of 10 I'd written a poem that I submitted in a contest by the 4-H Club down in Memphis Tennessee. My poem was chosen and I won 1st place -that day changed my life forever. I’ve always had a huge imagination and knew that one day I wanted to be an Author. I was a dreamer back then and still one today at---well lets just say I'm all grown up- no stranger to the literary community- have numerous titles in print and a true testament that dreams do come true. Currently I'm working on more titles to add to my existing catalog of books as I continue to tour and lecture across the country. To learn more about me and some other books/projects go to