Collection: KC Collection Arts Prints by Germ Freak

A Kuckabug Collection Art Print (a.k.a. KC Collection Art Prints by Germ Freak).

The official Kuckabug (pronounced "kuck-uh-bug") Collection Art Prints -These beautiful Art Prints reproduces the original dolls created by the artist Dena Tyson. Her permanent collection includes one hundred plus works and each print is personally signed before shipping!

These prints will look great in any room in the home. Each piece was made with a lot of love and a true commitment to her craft. You can feel proud in owning a piece of Dena's little treasure.

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  • Piper-Kuckabug Collection Art Print by Dena Tyson
    Piper-Kuckabug Collection Art Print by Dena Tyson - Germ Freak by DenaTyson
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