My name is BOSCOE -Story Book - Germ Freak by DenaTyson

My name is BOSCOE -Story Book

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My Name is Boscoe - Kids book series by Dena Tyson

This was inspired by my beloved little Boston Terrier named Boscoe. It is a thoughtful story that teaches us to love ourselves from the inside out in spite of our differences. This book will also appear in an upcoming scene in "NBC's Chicago Fire" shot on November 10th 2016 as well. So exciting!

As children we learn that not everyone is the same. We don't always need to try and fit into the crowd but simply allow our personality to be just who we are. In the story Boscoe is teased because he made a funny snort when he expressed his emotions. Those who came to know him realized it wasn't the snort that stood out, but the way he embraced the world around him. "That which makes us different makes us special."

My name is BOSCOE will make a perfect gift as a baby's first book, a birthday gift, a gift for the holidays or for all occasions and is enjoyed by children of all ages. It's a sweet story that can be enjoyed by everyone, adults included.

This book was written published and illustrated by myself and I hope you truly enjoy the read. I will personally autograph each copy sold in this store! Please include the name you'd like for me to sign in the notes when you place your order.
Many thanks!