Beard/Mustache Cover -Germ Freak Designer Face Mask by Dena Tyson

Beard/Mustache Cover-Germ Freak Designer Face Mask by Dena Tyson

The size of the Beard/Mustache Masks are measured based on the following:
From the front of the ear to the middle of the chin- then from the middle of the chin to the front of the other ear. This should fall into one of the size categories i.e., 10", 12", 15", or 18" inches.

This Beard/Mustache Cover can be worn over the nose since it does have a nose guard to completely cover the nose, mouth and beard area, or it can be worn beneath the nose covering the mouth mustache and chin, based on your need - you're covered.
It's light weight -breathable (even with all day wear) and quite comfortable on the face.  The full width nose guard gives the proper adjustment to keep the mask in place.  You have the choice of using the nose guard or not.  I'm sure you'll find these designer Beard/Mustache Cover's by Germ Freak enjoyable as well.
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