Hugs N Hot Cocoa -Germ Freak Designer Face Mask by Dena Tyson - Germ Freak by DenaTyson

Hugs N Hot Cocoa -Face Mask -Germ Mask -Surgical Face Mask -Hospital Mask -Marshmallow fabric -Coffee Mug -Germ Freak Designer Face Mask by Dena Tyson

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Hugs N Hot Cocoa-Germ Freak Designer Face Mask by Dena Tyson

Who could resist the cute little marsh-mellows enjoyong the warmth of a soothing cup of cocoa. This mask makes everyone smile!


Your Germ Freak Designer Face Mask is designed with 100 percent quality cotton, absolute care, comfort and a unique style that you can look forward to with each wear. Whatever your need, we turn “stares into smiles” to help you balance your lifestyle with ease.

Available in the Traditional Square shape and also the New Sleek Oval shape too!

It's light weight -breathable (even with all day wear) quite comfortable on the face and absolutely fun to wear! The full width nose piece gives the proper adjustment to keep the mask in place. I've gotten so many complements while wearing these masks as well as praise from medical staff and others that have to wear a mask in the work place due to not being able to get a flu shot, in addition to other health concerns. I'm sure you'll find these designer face masks by Germ Freak enjoyable as well. What ever your need - Germ Freak has you covered!

*Comfortable on the face
*100% Cotton Outer Facing
*Soft Breathable lined protective inner facing
*Soft Elastic Ear Loops
*2Ply Mask
*Adjustable Elastic Ear loops **on the Oval and child size masks
*Full width nose piece for a proper fit
*Machine washable (delicate cycle)
*Dryer friendly.
*Great for everyday use!
Uses: Flu Virus -dust-dirt-pollen and can be worn in the work place -hospital/medical environment- airplanes - during dialysis, chemo treatments, nail salons, beauty salons, outdoor protection, cleaning house, cutting grass, gardening, cooking, food service, hospitals, hospital visits, family gatherings, or any where you choose! It is reusable, machine washable (delicate cycle) and dryer friendly. You can use a warm iron if needed. These are also great gift items as well!
For animal lovers, veterinary clinics and doggie salons alike -or simply channeling that creative spirit in you.
*WARNING THIS IS NOT A TOY -**ALL baby infant and child mask's must be worn with adult supervision at ALL TIMES**
Please note: When cutting the fabric sometimes the placement of the print lines up slightly different then the picture shown. I always try to cut from the same print whenever possible.

***Legal Disclaimer For Germ Freak Designer Face Mask -- Dena Tyson/LiteraryWorksOfDena Tyson or dTkPublishing or any of its entities makes no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, of title, or of non infringement of third party rights.This Germ Freak Designer Face Mask (referred to as “Product”) will help protect against the Flu Virus - by blocking some dust-dirt-and pollen and can be worn in the work place including -hospital/medical environment- airplanes -and also for outdoor protection. No guarantee or warranty, either express or implied is being made regarding the effectiveness of this mask in protecting against any flu or other illness. In association with the product, Use of this product is at the user’s risk.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a licensed product! It is however crafted with care from licensed fabric/logo. I am not affiliated with the licensee or the manufacturer of this fabric! This is not a licensed product! It is however crafted with care from licensed fabric.