Introducing your new baby

Everyone loves to welcome, kiss, snuggle and hug a new baby and why not.  Even though they mean well unfortunately, not all kisses are safe kisses.  I'm sure we've all thought about it, but found it hard to say those unspoken words.  You don't want to offend anyone as you introduce baby to all family friends and love ones and that's one of the reasons I created these adorable Baby/ Infant Germ Freak Designer Face Masks to help with this process as well as other uses.  

Each ear looped 2 ply mask was made with love using 100% cotton outer facing -soft breathable polypropylene inner facing for sanitary wearing. The mask helps protect against Flu Virus -dust-dirt-pollen and can be worn as most requested in airplane travel -outdoors or where ever you feel the need to help protect the baby infant and child the most. Because the mask(s) are so small I would suggest hand washing and hang dried. Check back often as more masks will be added to the collection!

*WARNING THIS IS NOT A TOY -**ALL baby infant and child mask's must be worn with adult supervision at ALL TIMES**