About the Germ Freak Designer Face Masks by Dena Tyson

The day I put a mask on my face made me feel the way I had encouraged so many NOT to feel about themselves "awkward and ashamed."   So many people would stare at the yellow mask on my face, even the children would run in fear.  Hurtful but true.  No one should have to feel that way about something they have no control over, and that's what inspired me to turn all of those stares into smiles.  After researching the standard mask for safety and protection, I was able to design my own creating a 2 ply mask design that would help protect against cold, flu, dust, pollen etc., but a mask that is also reusable and washer and dryer friendly, and this is how the Germ Freak Designer Face Masks by Dena Tyson was born.

I take much pride and great care with the products I make. I even wear a mask while making your mask because I know the importance of health and safety, especially having worked in a hospital environment wearing a mask all day from working in the I.V. Room to the O.R. -Labor and Delivery -Surgery etc., safety and comfort was extremely important and that's another reason why I created them. I also have an entire room designated to sewing -a room which inspires me most enabling even more creativity.

Additionally, I have been blessed with some other talents -

As an author I love to create. It all started with a poem I wrote in the 5th grade (a member of the 4H-Club) at A.B. Hill Elementary School in Memphis Tennessee. I won 1st place and from that moment I knew instinctively that I wanted to be an author. Although my gift for writing was unrecognized by my mother and father admittedly it hurt -may have even bugged me a little but I never allowed that to stop me one bit. At the age of 14 I was thrown out on to the streets of the west side of Chicago by my sister with no place to go and no one to turn to. Again another obstacle as I would face many and still over come.
Today I am no stranger to the literary community with numerous titles already in print and now a kid’s book series inspired by my beloved little Boston Terrier “Boscoe”. I will look forward to sharing the most adorable hugable loveable Boscoe stuffed Animals so stay tuned!

I have inspired so many with my Books – Dolls –Poems -Greeting Cards and other gift products and am very excited to now be able to share my works with you!

To learn more about myself and other projects and Author events go to www.denatyson.com

I hope you enjoy the products I make here at Germ Freak by DenaTyson and I will look forward to a longstanding -beautifully creative relationship as well.
Here's to the journey ahead and thanks so much for your support!

~Dena Tyson

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